SOK Battery | 12v 100ah LiFePO4 | Heated & Bluetooth – Faulty BMS (Bricked MCU)

  • BMS is unresponsive.  Won’t accept a charge and won’t discharge.
  • Batteries are effectively brand new, however the idle consumption of the Bluetooth module has fully depleted the battery (1.7v across all 4 cells).
  • In the process of over-discharging, the BMS program encountered some form of unrecoverable glitch.
  • In our experience, this over discharging does not lead to capacity loss (at least not tested long-term).
  • Includes heating pads between the cells.
  • No manufacturer’s warranty or support from the manufacturer.
  • Recommended fix: Install a JBD BMS from Current Connected in place of the defective SOK BMS.
    • NOTE: The balance wiring harness is opposite orientation from the JBD as the SOK BMS.  You must install a new balance wiring harness.
  • Inventory ID: 22-1023

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