Battery Queen | 100Ah 51.2V | Wall-Mounted LiFePO4 Battery [Free Shipping]

This is a 16s (51.2v) LiFePO4 battery by Battery Queen. Battery queen intended to expand their product line to the USA with us as their primary distributor, however with the USA having a well established battery market with many key competitors, it has proven difficult for Battery Queen to get into the game. As a result, these batteries are being cleared to partially recuperate some of the capital expenditure and avoid the batteries needing to be shipped back to China as they exit the competition.

These batteries do work good and have communication with many inverters, in fact it is using the same PACE-BMS that many popular name-brand batteries use. They come with a set of pre-crimped Amphenol connectors that are 3ft long and the USB cable to connect it to a computer.

It’s good bang for your buck, but when it comes to customer service and warranty, you are pretty much on your own. We promise that they will pull their rated capacity and be properly functioning upon arrival…since they are brand new after all. They have been resting in our warehouse for approximately 4 months, and we would rather give them a warm and cozy home where they can be happy doing the grunt work for you.

This will ship to you via FedEx Freight. We would love if you bought all 6 of them – we will even throw in a free set of bus bars if you buy all 6!

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  • 51.2v 5kWh Power Wall
  • Made with Grade A cells
  • CAN/RS485 connection ports
  • IP65 rated
  • Mobile monitoring capable
  • Ideal for backup power or solar application