CALB 230ah Raw Cells (6 Pack) – 3 Cells Shipping Damaged

  • 230ah cells, three in prime condition, three damaged.
  • Dings, dents and other damage to three cells. These cells were grade A++ before FedEx had their hands on them.
  • Not load-tested.  Busbars and M6 screws are not included.  No promise of capacity, functionality or safety.
  • Cells still have good open-circuit voltages; Cell 13-27 = 3.24v, cell 13-28 = 3.24v, cell 13-29 = 3.24v, cell 13-30 = 3.24v, cell 13-31 = 3.24v, cell 13-32 = 3.24v
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This group of 6 cells are sold together for the sake that they all belong to the same serial number group; however, only three of these cells are damaged from shipping. Damaged cells have dings / dents on the bottom. Enjoy a 50% Savings Shack discount for this bundle!

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