Kreiger 3000w Square Wave Inverter – New, Working, but WOW IT SUCKS!

  • This unit is fully functional, was only hooked up to test an issue a customer was having.
  • Powers on and has output voltage.  Not load-tested, but was only used once by CurrentConnected.
  • Includes remote power switch, black / red battery cables and fuseholder provided by kreiger.
  • Square Wave Output.
  • Free Shipping
  • Inventory ID 22-1005

Out of stock


We bought this inverter from Amazon to help troubleshoot a battery issue a customer was experiencing.  This is by far, the worst inverter we have ever laid our hands on.  It’s not a modified sine wave, it’s a SQUARE WAVE!!! There is NO SINUSOIDIAL ASPECT TO A SQUARE.  Sadly we are outside of the return window.

Also, these inverters are 60v N-G, 60v L-G, 120v L-N.  So in other words, if you touch neutral and ground you will be electrocuted.  If your system has a neutral-ground bond, it could blow up the inverter.

Will take any offer, so long as the offer covers the shipping expense.  Otherwise, we will throw this thing away.

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