MPP LV6048 Solar All-In-One 120/240V Dual Internal Inverter

Overstock Sale!

We ordered a container of MPP Solar inverters right before new models that made this one less attractive came out.  These inverters are really nice and output split-phase 120/240v power on a budget, the problem is their PV input is only 145v which really limits how many solar panels you can connect up to them.  If you are OK with installing a combiner box to handle parallel PV strings, this can really get your lights on with a very reasonable budget.

We are selling below our cost and shipping the inverters for free; it’s a quite a loss to us, so unfortunately, we can’t sell these with any warranty coverage or tech support – as goes with all items on the Savings Shack.  But this inverter is good and will do what we say it will and can be a good fit for you until you are ready for something fancier.

  • 6.0kW Dual Internal Inverter
  • 60Hz pure sine wave output
  • Can be configured for single phase 120V, 180° split phase 120/240V or 120° 120/208V
  • 60A Utility/generator battery charger
  • 2 MPPT input channels, 145VOC Max
  • Stackable up to 3 units for a 18kW system
  • Split-phase and three-phase capable
  • Built-in internal transfer switch