SOK SK48v100 Server Rack Battery – Refurbished [FREE SHIPPING]

This battery was returned to use because the circuit breaker bracket was installed crooked and caused the wires leading to the circuit breaker to be routed differently than they are intended. As a result, one of the screws that was installed to secure the rack-ears punctured the main positive wire. The customer’s install was negative-grounded, so as soon as the breaker was turned on, it turned the screws that hold the battery into the case into a puddle of molten metal. The pack was never cycled as this issue occurred during the initial install.

We replaced the wire that was punctured, the face plate, circuit breaker, bracket for circuit breaker and thoroughly cleaned the inside of the battery. Cells are well balanced and the pack pulls full capacity of 104ah.

There are noticeable scratches on the rear of the battery from it being drug across the shop floor when it was first returned. After inspecting internally it was determined it could be restored to this fully operational and safe to use condition.

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