SOK SK48v100 Server Rack Battery – Refurbished [FREE SHIPPING]

This battery was returned to use because 8 of the cells were significantly out of balance. We inspected this pack thoroughly and found that a sharp edge wore through a conductor and caused a leakage current that drained half of the cells. The sharp edge was filed down, new cell balance wires installed, the cells have been re-balanced, and the pack has been capacity tested (102.5 Ah). It has also been Hi-Pot tested at 1.75kV with no leakage to the case. The interior and exterior of the battery is still in fantastic condition, just the minor marks that show it’s been put in a rack and removed. The BMS indicates a total of 11 cycles, 2 of which were testing at our facility to confirm proper functionality

We are offering a 1 year warranty on this battery and fully stand behind our repairs. We are fully confident that you would not be able to differentiate this pack from a brand new one! Unlike the brand new batteries, this one ships for free.

This was returned as a set of 3 batteries (the others will soon be listed here on the Savings Shack). Further discount available if you buy the full set of 3. We also have a scratched 5-slot rack that can go with this set of 3 (rack would be free). Contact us for details.

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